What if your customers' problems could automatically become your tasks?
Cut out the middleman

Errors Become Cards

Hawk’s Trello integration enables error reporting that’s also bug tracking.

  • Smash Bugs

    Integrating with your usual task management system turns Hawk error reporting into bug tracking.

    Get all the juicy details the minute they happen.  No fuss, no api calls, no clicking; just a card in your stack.

  • Great for Lean Organizations

    Part of a small team?  By putting user errors directly onto your Trello board, we take on some of the load carried by a larger organization’s user support team.

  • Your Normal Workflow

    Trello is used by thousands of businesses.  If you’re one of them, Hawk integrates seamlessly with your normal bug tracking workflow, enabling collaboration, organization and rapid issue resolution.

  • Link Your Trello Account

    Trello integration is an optional part of our normal setup process.  You supply your credentials, pick a board and a list, and we do the rest!

    See our listing on Trello’s integrations page here.

  • Hawk Trello Error Column

    We Add Cards to the List

    The specified list is populated with errors as they happen.  This includes both script errors and network errors, and enables you to make Hawk part of your bug tracking process.

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  • Hawk Trello Card Details

    Technical Details

    The card contains a detailed technical account of the error, including:

    • A screenshot
    • URL
    • Timestamp
    • Error Message
    • Stack Trace

    (Yes, a screenshot!  It’s like looking over your user’s shoulder.)

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