New Feature: Recordings

Create Triggers to Capture User Experience

Because of Hawk’s continual commitment to providing the easiest-to-use visual user tracking possible, this week we’re introducing a brand new feature. With Hawk’s Recordings, you’ll be able to capture the user experiences and interactions that matter to you.

How It Works

First, pick some event or user interaction that you want to see. Then create a Trigger for that event, which will tell Hawk to start recording. Triggers make use of Hawk’s powerful network traffic filters, letting you specify exactly what behavior should begin a recording.

Creating a Recording Trigger
Creating a Recording Trigger

When the recording is complete, Hawk will email you a simple animated png of the user’s experience, and the recording will be available for a more detailed look on your Hawk account.

For more information on creating recording triggers, see here. To read about how to view your recordings, see here.