Initial Release

Hawk is now available!

Effortless User Tracking

Hawk is a user tracking, error reporting and access control tool that focuses on debugging and support by enabling meaningful interactions with genuine users.
Other solutions focus on taking a statistical “heat map” approach to UX, and leave the user experiencing a problem out in the cold. That’s why Hawk helps you analyze your user’s experience of your application while they’re experiencing it, and provides support and security tools to help you deal with situations as they arise.
Our goal is to bridge the gap between you and your users.

Initial Feature Set

  • Real-Time Error Reporting — Get alerts when your users experience:
    • Console Logs
    • Network Errors
    • Promise Rejections
    • Script Errors
  • Trello Integration
    Error alerts can be sent to your Trello column as they occur.
  • Real-Time User Screen View
    See what your users are doing in real time.
  • Live Chat
    Open a chat window to talk to the user.
  • Security Features — When dealing with a user session, at any time you can:
    • Confirm User Identity (Using 2-step verification)
    • Log User Out
    • Block User

For more details, check out our documentation.

Easy Setup

Hawk setup is a breeze. Paste one line of code into your HTML and you’re ready to go.

User Tracking: Hawk Snippet
Hawk’s snippet

Looking Ahead

This is just the start! Hawk has lots of features lined up for implementation, so you should expect to see more in the coming days and weeks.

Hawk: Bridging the gap between you and your users.