Upgrades to the Hawk UI

Cleaner, neater and easier to use.

Users, not Sessions

The Hawk UI dashboard now shows a list of your active users, rather than their sessions. Now there’s one place for you to see all of a user’s activity, even though they log off and on again or use multiple different devices or browsers to access your site. This new arrangement lets you zero in on problems like never before.

The New Hawk UI Home Screen
The New Hawk Home Screen

Refactored Errors Page

As part of improvements to the Hawk UI, we’ve made the errors page much cleaner and easier to use. Enhancements include:

  • The ability to mark multiple errors at once as Fixed or Not a Bug (See the documentation on managing errors)
  • The most commonly-used filters have been moved to the left of the screen for easy access
  • A more intuitive, modal window approach to advanced filtering
  • The error graph starts minimized; click the graph icon to show it
  • You can choose whether to see each error individually, or to group similar errors into one row
The New Hawk UI Errors Screen
The New Hawk Errors Screen