Hawk’s Event Feed A Chronological List of Events on Your Website

The Event Feed
Hawk's Event Feed
Hawk’s Event Feed

After you’ve installed Hawk, the Event Feed will be your home page. It displays a chronological list of recent events users have experienced on your website. The order is chronological—the most recent events are at the top of the page, with older events towards the bottom.

Type Filter

By default the Event Feed shows both error and navigation events. You can make it show only one or the other by clicking the Error or Navigation links under the Type heading, to the left.

Live Screen View

The Live Users panel to the left is a link to Hawk’s Live Screen View. Use it to get an up-to-the-second picture of particular users’ activity.

Select a Site
Select a Site
Select a Site

If you have multiple sites configured, click the name of the current site, in the upper left, for a drop-down menu that will let you choose between them.

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