Get real-time actionable insights into user interaction on your website.

Visual Website Events

Make better decisions by seeing your users’ interactions directly. Let visual cues from real user experience guide your development decisions.

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Know what’s going on in real time

The Hawk approach to website analysis is direct, natural and easy to use. It displays user interactions in a simple video, as they occur. You get alerts about events you want to see, when they happen. That’s it.No incomprehensible spreadsheets, cryptic heatmaps or abstract charts. Just the visual cues you need to understand your UX.

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Get videos of the user interactions you want by setting up custom network traffic triggers in Hawk. When the trigger conditions are fulfilled, Hawk sends you the video, plus all the information you need, delivered via email, Slack or Trello.

View user behavior directly and intuitively

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Event Feed

Look through your website’s recorded activity like scrolling through Twitter or Facebook. Click on an event for details, or just scroll past!

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Live Screen View

Accurate, real-time visual user tracking. Our live screencasting makes it possible to leave the guessing behind and truly understand your UX.

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Instant Error Reporting

Know about bugs the second they appear. Hawk automatically detects errors, capturing a screenshot of the issue that gets sent directly to you. Debug your application quickly and easily.

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Simple one-line integration

Integrate Hawk’s error reporting and visual user tracking with a single line of code.

Installation Docs

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Filling a Gap in the Market

How the NowRenting team envisioned, built and used Hawk.

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Error Reporting: NowRenting Uses Hawk

Error Reporting: NowRenting Uses Hawk

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