User Session Recording & Live Insight

How You Benefit

  • Better User Experience

    Heat maps, Google Analytics and feedback campaigns aren’t always the answer. Oftentimes, you need to get a real-time view of how a user interacts with your website. See what truly matters to real users and improve your UX with user session recording.

    Get better UX insight

  • Quick Code Debugging

    Getting a user to describe the problem they’re experiencing can take ages. It’s time to put an end to the endless back-and-forth. User session recording saves you time debugging your web application by helping you understand exactly what a customer is looking at in the moment.

    Start debugging faster

  • Proactive User Support

    Users appreciate speedy solutions—and so does your customer support team. Show your users you care with proactive user support. Solve issues before customer support comes knocking on your door for help with tickets.

    Streamline user support

User Session Recording with Hawk

Install the one line of code needed to use Hawk and you have immediate access to visual user tracking. Here’s what you can do with our user session recording:
  • Session Recording: Hawk Console View

    Look Back at Recorded User Sessions

    Weren’t there to view a user’s session in real time? No sweat. You get a record of your users’ browser activity to replay their interactions. We organize recorded user sessions into a list for you, enabling you to simply click on the closed session of your choice for more detail.

    Track past user sessions

  • View Current User Sessions

    While a user session is being recorded, you can get a clear glimpse of their live activity. Quickly solve tickets while customers are live-chatting about an issue. Or, experience a real user’s perspective of your site at any given moment for UX or marketing purposes. As a user engages with your site, Hawk shows you the UI in action on their browser.

    Monitor live user sessions

  • Access a User’s Browser Console

    Mostly interested in user session recording software because you want to see a user’s browser console? With Hawk, it’s available to you online. View a user’s browser console over the course of any session to track a user’s path through your site, analyze network traffic or debug your frontend code.

    Access user browser consoles

  • Get User Session Recording Now

    Install Hawk in just 2 minutes. Finally understand user behavior patterns, speed up the JavaScript debugging process and improve the end user experience.

    Get started

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