What if your site had its own slack channel?
Cut Out the Middleman

Your Site's Slack Channel

Hawk’s Slack integration provides error reporting that’s like part of the team.

  • Complete Error Awareness

    Errors that occur on a user’s browser are sent to Hawk, which passes them to your Slack channel: it’s instant, complete awareness of your website’s performance.

  • Part of the Team

    Using Hawk is like giving your website the ability to voice its own complaints:  Nobody has to go and see what’s going on with the site — it’ll tell you itself.

  • Robust Filtering

    Use Hawk’s impeccably thorough filtering and error management features to keep meaningless or repetitive error messages off your channel.

  • Connect Hawk to Slack

    Link Your Channel

    You’ll have the opportunity to set up integrations as part of our normal installation process.  You supply your credentials and tell us what channel you want Hawk to post to.  For more information on how to set up Hawk’s Slack integration, see here.

    Hawk is on the Slack App Directory here.

  • We Post Messages to the Channel

    When users of your site experience errors, we’ll send a message about it to your channel.  The message contains a detailed technical account of the error, including:

    • A screenshot
    • URL
    • Timestamp
    • Error Message
    • Stack Trace

    (Yes, a screenshot!  You can see just what your user saw when the error occurred.)

  • Hawk Error Filter

    Filter Out Noise

    Some error messages don’t merit immediate attention, or might be cluttering up your channel — and some might not even represent bugs at all!  Our robust filtering allows you to tell Hawk what to ignore and what to pass on to your channel. Read more about Hawk’s filtering here.

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