Pay As You Go

Live View & Recordings

Hawk uses a metered pricing model for the live view and recording features. All other features are included at no cost.
Standard Plan
$0.40 per minute
  • No monthly fee, installation fee or surprise charges
  • Pay for what you need; no more
  • Accurate usage reporting
  • All other features are free
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Contact us to set up an arrangement that meets your organization's needs, however large.
  • Personal support
  • Help with migration and setup
  • Work with us to create custom solutions
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Free Features

The majority of Hawk's features are provided free of charge.

Event Feed: A chronological view of your users' interactions with your site. Includes navigation events and error reports.

Notifications: Get notified by email, Slack or Trello when errors occur.

Privacy Features: Hawk gives you all the tools you need to comply with privacy regulations, including the GDPR.

Site Metrics: Includes Hawk's powerful user identification feature, letting you tell your users apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hawk Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase credits through the Account Settings > Billing menu.

You spend credits in two ways:

  • By spending time on the Live View page.
  • When Hawk generates a recording of a user for you. (For instance, you may have set up recording triggers, or configured your error report settings to create recordings.)
Note: Credits are spent when recordings are created. Once created, a recording can be viewed as much as you want without spending any credits.

Lots of Hawk's features are available regardless of whether you buy any credits. For example: navigation notifications on the Event Feed, site metrics, error reports, filtering and privacy features, and more!

Two things happen when you run out of credits.

  • You won't be able to see a Live View of your users.
  • Hawk will not generate new recordings.

Not at all! It's literally one line of code — check out our Installation Docs for more details.

No matter your stack, Hawk will work for you. It uses a simple JavaScript file on the front-end that's compatible with all modern web browsers.