Visual Website Events, Direct and Intuitive.

How You Benefit

  • Improved User Experience

    Heatmaps, feedback campaigns and Google Analytics aren’t always the best fit. Oftentimes, you need a direct, real-time view of user interactions. No need to muddy the waters with additional analysis. See what really matters to real users with Hawk’s live screen view.

    Improve Your UX

  • Enhanced Decision Making

    The sharper your vision, the better your decisions. When you can see how your site is being used directly and transparently, you’ll have better insight into what features to build next, how your navigation should flow and what your customers’ priorities are.

    Start Making Better Decisions

  • Proactive User Support

    Users appreciate speedy solutions—and so does your customer support team. Show your users you care with proactive user support. Hawk’s live view gives you the tools to analyze situations as they develop, delivering a real-time view of the problem a user is having.

    Streamline User Support

Live User Session View with Hawk

Once Hawk is installed, you'll have access to over-the-shoulder views of every user on your website. Here's how it works:
  • Hawk Visitors Dashboard

    The Visitors Dashboard

    Hawk’s main page is a list of visitors to your website. Click through to see an individual visitor’s history, any recordings generated as a result of their visit and any errors they may have encountered.

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  • Live View

    Live video is available for visitors who are currently active on your site. See live user interactions such as scroll events, mouse position and clicks. This is the kind of transparent, unhindered information that lets you keep your finger on the pulse of your user base.

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  • Hawk Visual Website Events Display

    Seeing Is Believing

    Other UX analysis tools are too rigidly structured. By deciding how you see user interactions, they’re deciding what you see. Hawk wants none of that. Only Hawk trusts your instincts enough to show you user experience directly, without interposing an interpretive framework that might not even make sense for you.

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  • Hawk Visual Website Events Snippet

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    Installation takes just a few minutes. Finally understand user behavior patterns by getting the easy, visual events tool that works for you.

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Sharper vision. Better decisions.