Keep Track of Your Users — With a UI You Already Love

It Just Makes Sense

  • Chronological Layout, No Fuss

    Other user activity monitoring solutions make you parse through complicated tables, puzzle out heatmaps or configure endless funnels. Hawk’s vision is for a simpler way: a straightforward list of the most recent activity on your website. As easy as scrolling through Twitter or Facebook.

    Understand Your Users

  • See What's Happening

    Whether it’s an error or a simple navigation event, the Event Feed shows you what your users are up to. Get a bird’s-eye view of activity on your website, any time you want. Make better decisions about feature or navigation changes by getting a real sense for how your users interact with your website.

    Improve Your UX

  • Superior Customer Service

    You can’t be in the room with your customers when they need your help, but with Hawk, you can have the next best thing! A simple, direct list of the actions they’ve taken, or even a video of what they were up to when an error occurred. Your support team doesn’t have to wait around in the dark anymore!

    Streamline User Support

User Activity Monitoring with Hawk's Event Feed

  • Hawk Event Feed

    The Event Feed

    The Event Feed is a straightforward, chronological view of user activity events on your website. Scroll through as easily as checking out a Twitter feed!

    And if Hawk catches an error, click through for comprehensive Error Reporting, with all the details you need to get it straightened out.

    Access Your Event Feed Now

  • Hawk Visual Website Events Display

    Seeing Is Believing

    Other UX tools are too rigidly structured. By deciding how you see user interactions, they’re deciding what you see. Hawk wants none of that. Only Hawk trusts your instincts enough to show you user experience directly, without interposing an interpretive framework that might not even make sense for you.

    Gain Insight You Can Trust

  • Hawk Visual Website Events Snippet

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    Installation takes just a few minutes. Finally understand user behavior patterns by getting the easy, visual analysis tool that works for you.

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