Efficient Error Reporting & Bug Tracking

What You Get

  • Automatic Error Detection

    One line of script on your web page. That’s all it takes to get automatic error reporting from Hawk. The moment a user encounters an error, the details are captured for instant error reports—including a clear screenshot of the browser session.

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  • Real-Time Error Reporting

    With Hawk, error reporting is in real time. This means you’re the first to know that your app isn’t behaving—not your customer support team or your user’s friends. View console logs and get instant error reports for JavaScript errors, network errors and promise rejections.

    Get instant error reports

  • Streamlined Bug Tracking

    Hawk allows for a seamless transition from error reporting to bug tracking. Automatically turn alerts into Trello cards or Slack messages. Just choose the board & list (or channel) that works best for the product team. No noise, no duplicate alerts.

    Use a better bug tracker

  • What’s Included in Error Reporting?

    Hawk gives you robust error reporting without the clutter. And, you can use filtering to view only error reports that match specific criteria.

    Here’s what’s included in our error reports:

    • Error time and date
    • Error type
    • URL at which the error occurred
    • Browser that generated the error
    • User’s IP address
    • User’s identity (if we know it)
    • Screenshot of your user’s browser at the time of error
    • Request & response data for diagnosing network errors (if the error involves it )
    • Stack trace (produced by certain types of errors)

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  • Hawk Error Reporting Sensitive Data Masking

    What About User Privacy?

    Hawk error reporting provides you with the most comprehensive data on your user’s experience. However, we understand that you may be under ethical or legal obligations not to obtain certain kinds of data. Hawk is designed to facilitate that. Data that is marked as sensitive will not be transmitted by Hawk.

    Learn More About Hawk and the GDPR

  • Hawk Trello Error Column

    Improve Your Productivity Today

    It’s time to improve your product team’s workflow for better error reporting, issue tracking and debugging. Save time and money on development and QA—starting today.

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  • Debugging Process Improvement

    So, what does all this boil down to? Your debugging process is improved from start to finish. Hawk saves your product team time and energy so that you can focus on fixing the issues.

    No more time wasted reproducing errors

    No more back-and-forth with users

    No more creating and assigning tasks manually

    Improve your debugging process

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