Visitor Details Page See a Visitor's Live Stream and History

Visitor Details Page
Hawk Visitor Details Page
Visitor Details Page

Clicking on a particular visitor in the Visitors Dashboard will bring you to the Visitor Details page.

(Note: To avoid seeing your users’ personal data, make sure to use Hawk’s Data Masking feature.)

Live Stream

If the visitor is currently interacting with your site, you’ll be able to turn on Hawk’s Live Stream feature. Just click the play button! Hawk will display everything the visitor is doing in real time, including mouse movements, scrolling, page navigation and clicks.

  • To stop the live stream, hover over the video player and click the pause button that appears.
  • The video player shows the visitor’s past mouse location on screen as a trail. Use the Show cursor trail checkbox to turn this feature on and off.
  • Refresh visitor’s browser: Clicking the Refresh visitor’s browser… link causes a page refresh for the visitor. This will be visible to them! If they have entered information into a form, they will lose it! If the Live Stream appears garbled or incorrect, a page refresh may be the solution.
  • Note: Viewing the Live Stream uses up your credits. (For more information, see here.)
Page Views

The Page Views section gives an overview of the pages this visitor has been interacting with. See the Visitor History section below for more detail.

Visitor History
Hawk Visitor Details Page History
Visitor History

The Visitor History section shows all events associated with a particular visitor. This includes navigation events, signing up, and errors. Events are divided into sections according to the session during which they occurred. A session typically encompasses one complete visit to your site. The session sections can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the blue arrow to the left of each section.

Hawk Visitor Details Page Options

The (…) button on the right of the page gives you a menu of options for dealing with this visitor.

  • Send push notifications about this visitor: Get a push notification for new events from this visitor.
  • Email me about this visitor: Get an email for new events from this visitor.
  • Record this visitor: Hawk will create a recording for new events from this visitor. Using this feature consumes credits.
  • Ignore this visitor: This option modifies the Hawk snippet for your site, so that no data from this visitor will be transmitted to Hawk.
  • Download visitor data: This allows you to download all Hawk data related to this visitor. This may be useful if you need to comply with a GDPR access request.
  • Delete this visitor: This option removes all Hawk data related to this visitor. It cannot be recovered.

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