Hawk’s Visitors Dashboard A Centralized View of Activity on Your Site

When you sign in to Hawk, the first page you’ll see is the Visitors Dashboard. This page presents you with a feed of visitors to your sites, and is the starting point for accessing most of Hawk’s features.

Choose Site
Choose Site
Choose Site

If you have multiple sites configured, you can choose which to view from the drop-down menu that appears when you click the current site name. Only visitors to the current site are displayed.

Visitor Details

Clicking on a particular visitor takes you to a page showing details about them. If the visitor is currently active, this includes Hawk’s Live Stream functionality. For more information, see here.

Columns & Sorting
Columns & Sorting
Columns & Sorting

There are six columns in the Visitors table. Click on the name of the column to sort entries by the contents of that column. (For instance, to see which visitor has spent the most time active on your site, click Time Active until it shows an arrow pointing down: This sorts the entries in the list by the amount of active time, and orders it from greatest on top, to least on the bottom.)

The columns are:

  • Name: If you’ve configured Hawk to identify users, this shows the name given by your system for the visitor.
  • Username: If you’ve configured Hawk to identify users, this shows the username for the visitor.
  • Location: The location the user’s IP address originates from.
  • First Seen: The first time this user visited your site.
  • Last Seen: The most recent time this user visited your site.
  • Time Active: How long the user has been active on your site.

The leftmost column is not sortable, and shows a gravatar for the visitor, if available. The gravatar image will be surrounded by a green ring if the user is currently active.


You can show a particular subset of visitors by clicking on one of the filtering options:

  • All Visitors: The default option. Shows all visitors.
  • Live Users: Select this filter to see only visitors who are currently active on your site.
  • Identified Users: Select this filter to see only visitors who have been identified by Hawk’s user identification feature.

Click the gear icon in the upper right corner to access the Preferences menu.

The Visitors Dashboard
The Visitors Dashboard

The Preferences menu allows you to specify how Hawk will react to certain visitor behaviors. There are four types of events currently supported:

  • When someone visits your site: This event represents any visitor activity on your site.
  • When someone experiences an error on your site: Hawk detects errors thrown by JavaScript, and can react to them. Set up those reactions here.
  • When someone creates an account on your site: This event represents user sign ups, if you’ve configured user sign up identification.
  • Event Specific: Navigate to a specific event to create a recording or notification for that event. You can see a list of all configured events, and delete them, from this page.

The three possible reactions are:

  • Record: Hawk will create a video recording of the user interaction that triggered this event. Using this feature consumes credits.
  • Email me: Receive an email when this event occurs.
  • Send push notification: Hawk will create a pop-up message on your screen when this event occurs.
Visitor Options
Visitor Options
Visitor Options

The (…) button on the right of each entry gives you a menu of options for dealing with that visitor.

  • Send push notifications about this visitor: Get a push notification for new events from this visitor.
  • Email me about this visitor: Get an email for new events from this visitor.
  • Record this visitor: Hawk will create a recording for new events from this visitor. Using this feature consumes credits. (For more information, see here.)
  • Ignore this visitor: This option modifies the Hawk snippet for your site, so that no data from this visitor will be transmitted to Hawk.
  • Download visitor data: This allows you to download all Hawk data related to this visitor. This may be useful if you need to comply with a GDPR access request.
  • Delete this visitor: This option removes all Hawk data related to this visitor. It cannot be recovered.

The top 3 options of this list create notifications or recordings that will appear in the Event Specific section of the Preferences menu, and can be managed from there.

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