WordPress Installation How to install the Hawk snippet on your WordPress site

(Note: Many WordPress plugins are capable of adding a script to your site. These instructions use Insert Headers and Footers by WPBeginner, and should work for most WordPress installations. If your WordPress site is more complex or customized, a different procedure might be necessary.)

Step 1: Add a New Plugin

Click Plugins on the left navigation bar of your WordPress console, then Add New.

Add a New WordPress Plugin
Add a New Plugin
Step 2: Install the Plugin

If you search for “headers and footers”, it the Insert Headers and Footers plugin should appear in the search results. Click Install Now.

Install the Plugin
Install the Plugin
Step 3: Activate the Plugin

It’s not enough just to install a plugin; you have to activate it as well. Click Activate, and you’ll be able to use the plugin.

Activate the Plugin
Activate the Plugin
Step 4: (In Hawk) Copy the Hawk Snippet

(For information on where to find the Hawk snippet, see our installation documentation.)
If you’re in the Hawk Add Site wizard, the snippet can be found in step 4. Otherwise, you can find the snippet by navigating to the Snippet tab of your individual site’s settings page. Copy the entire snippet to your clipboard.

Copy the Hawk Snippet
Copy the Hawk Snippet
Step 5: (In WordPress) Navigate to Insert Headers and Footers

Under Settings on the left navigation bar of your WordPress console, there will be a new Insert Headers and Footers link. Click it.

In WordPress, Navigate to Insert Headers and Footers
Navigate to Insert Headers and Footers
Step 6: Paste the Hawk Snippet

In the text input box labeled Scripts in Footer, paste the Hawk snippet, then click Save

Paste the Hawk Snippet
Paste the Hawk Snippet

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