Error Reports Details How to access the details

(For technical information, see here. To learn how to prevent certain types of errors from being recorded, see here.)

Error Reports Page

See the list of recent errors in your Event Feed by selecting Error Events from the event type dropdown menu.

Error Reports Screen
Error Reports Screen

Click on an error panel to see the details of that particular error.


Error Report Playback Tab
The Error Report Playback Tab

If Hawk was able to capture video associated with the error, it will be available here. Use the video controls to examine the user’s interaction with the page. Although it uses up credits to create a new recording, you can watch a recording as many times as you want without consuming any additional credits.


Error Report Options Dropdown
The Error Report Options Dropdown

Click the (…) button to access the Error Report options dropdown menu. Options include:

  • Notify me about these events: Turn on notifications for events like this.
  • Email me about these events: Turn on email notifications for events like this.
  • Ignore events like this…: Allows you to set up a filter to ignore errors like this. See here for more details about Hawk’s filters.
  • Download event data: Download Hawk’s data for this event. See here for details.
  • Delete this event…: Delete Hawk’s data for this event. See here for details.


Error Report Details Section
The Error Report Details Section

The Details tab displays general information about the error, such as:

  • Time and date
  • The URL at which the error occurred
  • The type of error
  • The browser that generated the error
  • The user’s IP address, if it was collected
  • A link to the Hawk session during which the error was generated
  • The identity of the user, if it was collected
Request & Response

Scroll down for the Request & Response section. The Request & Response section will only be available if the error involved the user’s browser making a request or receiving a response. It contains detailed information useful for diagnosing network errors. HTTP headers will also be displayed, if present.

Stack Trace
Error Report Stack Trace
The Error Report Stack Trace

Scroll down to see the Stack Trace. Certain types of errors produce a stack trace, which may be helpful to developers diagnosing a bug. If Hawk was able to obtain a stack trace from the browser, it will be displayed here.

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