Error Report Filters Configure Which Errors Not to Record

Navigate to the Settings Page
  1. In the dropdown to the right of the top navigation bar, click Sites.
  2. Select the site whose filters you want to change from the list.
  3. Make sure you are on the Settings tab.
Error Report Filters: Navigate to Settings
Navigate to Settings

There are four types of error report filters you can put in place.

Use the toggle switch to the left to turn reporting on or off for each type of error. Click the gear button to add or remove filter rules.

Add Filters
Error Report Filters Window
Error Report Filters Window

Only error reports that match the rules you specify will be reported.

  • Any error reports which have already been reported, but do not match your rules, will not be displayed.
  • Hawk will also modify the Hawk snippet script so that errors that do not match your rules will not be reported; this saves unnecessary network traffic for your users.
  • For a complete list of available filter criteria, see here.
Other Options

Collect IP Address and Location Data allows you to prevent Hawk from collecting or transmitting any IP Address data. This may be necessary to comply with the GDPR in some situations.

Record Spiders lets you choose whether to generate recordings based on events caused by spiders. It does not affect whether that activity appears in your event feed. Search engines (such as Google) use spiders to automatically visit web pages to gather data. Since they do not represent actual users, you may choose not to expend your credits recording their activity.

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