Track Your Users. Respond Instantly.

Hawk provides real-time user session management

You can’t fix your users’ problems if you don’t know what they are.

When a non-technical user gets stuck, they’re often simply unable to explain how they got there. They might be confused and frustrated, and all they’re able to tell you is that it’s not working. This isn’t their fault! Maybe web sites just aren’t their area of expertise.

Trust us: we know what that’s like.

Let us help.

We built Hawk to address exactly these issues. It’s super easy to install, and there are three main sets of features:

Screen View

Choose any user currently on your site, and see what they see. Simple as that. Are they clicking the wrong button? Putting their password in the wrong input field? You’ll see right away what’s going on, and be able to address it. For UX purposes, our navigation recording helps you track their path through your site.

Error Reporting

When your code throws a JavaScript error, or a user’s browser experiences a network error while interacting with your site, Hawk will track it and send you an email, chock full of the information you need to fix the bug.

Instant Response

Sometimes when there’s trouble, it may be the case that you’re not dealing with a genuine user, but rather somebody whose intentions are fraudulent or malicious. When that happens, you want to be able to react right away. That’s why Hawk gives you the tools to do just that:

  • Identity Verification: We’ll send a 4-digit code to the user’s phone, giving you confidence that they are who they say they are.
  • Log the User Out: You can end the user’s session immediately.
  • Block the User: We’ll redirect them to an error page that you specify, where you’ll be able to chat with them.
Matthew Talamini
Web Developer

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